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Deconstructing iOS Design

On iOS, beauty is more than skin-deep.

With Apple’s annual Design Awards and a large but picky marketbase, the design of apps and their icons on iOS matters more than on other platforms. Using just Photoshop or a similarly featured design application, you can make a huge impact on not just sales, but also the perceived value and quality of your applications.

iPad and iPhone

Here, File File icon

From Zero to Amazing

Learn how to make stunning, visually complex icons like the Here, File File icon, and tactile, realistic user interfaces like Classics and Warships*. Start with a sketch, proceed to digital illustration and render metals, fabrics and other materials using only Photoshop. With mastery of the tools, your creativity is literally the limit.

Mind the devil in the details

Like its larger brother, Icon Resource, iOS Resource doesn’t just offer ivideo tutorial-style technical pointers, but goes into a bit of the theory behind the design of the iOS UI and icons as well. Learn to know, love and work with the constraints of the Human Interface Guidelines and avoid common pitfalls.



  • 7 videos in HD and portable format
  • Several sample files, including Photoshop templates and examples
  • iOS Resource membership (forever)


  • Mac or PC capable of playing H.264 encoded video.
  • Adobe® Photoshop™ trial (or application with similar featureset)
  • iOS device (optional)

Your Tutor:

  • I’m Sebastiaan de With, and I design icons and interfaces for a living every day.
  • I’ve worked on apps like Warships, Classics, Currencies, HereFileFile, and many more.