This is a full listing of the lessons included in Icon Resource

  • 1.IntroductionWelcoming and preparing you for Icon Resource
  • 2.About IconsWhat makes an icon?
  • 3.The History of IconsIcons go way back. We step back and look at the origins of them.
  • 4.Standards and GuidelinesAll about the existing guidelines and standards of icon design.
Technique Duration
  • 1.IntroductionBefore we jump in, a few notes.
  • 2.Sketching Your IconTaking a look at our tools and preparing for making awesome stuff.
  • 3.Illustration 101Get the basics of shape layers down.
  • 4.Sample Icon: Make a PencilMaking a ‘realistic’ pencil in Photoshop.
  • 5.Sample Icon: Make a DocumentA document to go with our pencil.
  • 6.Putting the Pieces TogetherIcons often contain several elements. Combining them well is key.
  • 7.Shading and ShadowsGive depth and realism to icons with consistent shading and shadows.
  • 8.Composing the IconCompose the icon to a final state.
  • 9.Resizing IconsIcons have to be redrawn and reworked after resizing.
  • 10.Creating an Icon FileExporting to valid system icon file formats.
  • 11.PostscriptSumarizing what we’ve learned and looking ahead.
Added Content Duration