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Deconstructing iOS Design

Picture Perfect Icons

Icons for desktops can be small feature guides or large application icons chock full of detail - a giant canvas, just waiting to be filled and nicely detailed can be very intimidating. Don’t worry, though: Icon Resource will show you how to fit your vision into those power- of-two pixel size documents, one shape layer at a time.

iPad and iPhone

Here, File File icon

Built to Scale

Icons come in many shapes and sizes; from glyphic pictograms to elaborate ‘realistic’ HIG-compliant OS X and Windows icons, Icon Resource covers sketching them out, modeling them in just Photoshop or similarly featured software, and ensuring they kick ass at all intended sizes – including fitting them into cramped spaces.

Theoretically Academic

Icon Resource doesn’t just let you figure out the design methods and step-by-steps for pretty pictures, it also tells you a bit about the background of icon design, the guidelines you have to adhere on various platforms, and teaches you common pitfalls so you can prevent those nasty ‘redesign situations’.



  • 18 videos in HD and portable format
  • Several sample files, including Photoshop templates and examples
  • Icon Resource membership (forever)


  • Mac or PC capable of playing H.264 encoded video.
  • Adobe® Photoshop™ trial (or application with similar feature set)
  • Icon Factory’s IconBuilder or Apple Icon Composer (optional)

Your Tutor:

  • I’m Sebastiaan de With, and I design icons and interfaces for a living every day.
  • I’ve worked on icons for large companies like Apple, HP, Mozilla and many others.